Poul Rosenbaum/Mads Vinding  - Back to Bach


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The CD "Chopin" was released 2011 on Gateway







new interpretations of
classical piano music

Poul Rosenbaum 
and bass player
  Mads Vinding

have been inspired to in a collaboration which presents classical piano music in a new way.
We find ourselves in the cross-over between classical music and jazz where division into specific styles is of no interest and limiting.

There is a spiritual, deep down, unconscious connection between all great music, no matter which genre and sound. Today we have a quite informal and open understanding of tradition, and the importance of making the moment of artistic creation unforgettable, real.

he CD "Back to Bach" was released
April 2004 on
 Ambia Records

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The Polish composer Frederyk Chopin (1810-1839) was one of the heroes in romantic western music tradition. Especially his unique talent for composing – and performing – music for the piano is known and admired, and has in many ways affected every music lover all over the world.
His music speaks directly from one heart to another, from one soul to all mankind.
His works comes to life through performers of all different kinds. From the top international super star virtuoso, to the beginner music student, who almost just started to learn the secrets of piano playing.

This CD presents Chopin’s music in a very special arrangement. The music is played by piano and bass. A sound which Chopin himself probably not even dreamt of. But it is a sound, and a musical language which is a child of our times, combining the “classical” tradition with the “jazz and improvisational” tradition in a new way. Wellknown master pieces are renewed and brought to life in a fresh and untraditional form.



JOHAN SEBASTIAN BACH - the giant of all composers - has been into all corners of the universe of music. His music belongs to the most durable of all times. Bach`s music has been arranged for and played on innumerable different instruments during the years. Many musicians have been inspired to try out new ways of performing the music of Bach and occasionally Bach himself has not indicated precisely which instruments the music was meant for.

However, the admiration for the musical creative powers of Bach has grown constantly. Many of the compositions by Bach have both a rhythmic and a melodious impulse and intensity which has never been surpassed.

The program comprise many pieces, longer and shorter, Preludes, Partitas, Menuets, Italian Concerto, and other compositions from the treasury of Bach.




Poul Rosenbaum/Mads Vinding plays J.S. Bach