Kim Sjøgren/Mads Vinding 


- a unique duo..

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Listen to Gossec's Tambourine
Listen to Bach's Air
Listen to Ellingtons Don't get around..


Kim Sjøgren and Mads Vinding have been playing together as a duo since 1990.
They're interested in what the other is known and celebrated for:
 Kim's virtuosity contra Mads' spontaneity - the classical approach contra "rhythmic music" - notation contra improvisation.
The result is a program of music from both worlds - a/o. Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Psalms, Danish, Swedish, American folk-songs, jazz standards and own compositions are on their repertoire.

This is a musically broad program, tailor-made for each occasion and performed with a relaxed approach - by two outstanding musicians!

REVIEWERS' NOTES: "Sjøgren's and Vinding's interplay is tremendously successful".
"The broad repertoire is well chosen and leaves room for each player's great talent".
"The solos are powerful and the interplay immensely fine. Each of them makes their instrument sound like a whole orchestra. In fun or seriousness, so that tears are in the eyes of the audience. From laughter or solemnity."
"Soloists in world class - in an unpretentious way, that can't avoid winning everyone's heart."
"Every organizer's dream - to fetch more chairs - came true!"
"It was an incredible evening, - the likes of which we haven't seen in the 20 years, I have been participating in organizing concerts."