The Irish Ballad

The Irish ballad

Ilia Swainson and Mads vinding

meet each other and the audience in the Irish ballad – a Universe full of war, love, rawness, death, loss, sorrow, joy – trapped in a tonal language that makes it possible to accommodate these huge emotions. Much of what we do not say aloud or talk about is redeemed in synergy between words and tones.
Irish Music has a unique tradition, which goes back a long way. These are stories that have been told and interpreted over and over and which have always had a unique ability to hit a nerve, a string that goes in and creata deep yearning and great euphoria in us.
Mads and Ilia have the abilities to create the excitement of the music that expands, exalts and touches us.

The two artists have encountered each other in musical life for many years. And Mads has often asked: “When are we to do something together”?  – Ilia took him on his words, and out of it came this powerful, exuberant, poetic and vivid ballad – the Irish ballad.

He’s a jazz bassist and she’s a classic soprano – but they have always both made crossovers in all the genres. And they thought it might be fun to play with the simpleness in just strings and voice, and seeing what would grow out of it.
They meet here in the Irish tonal language with its melancholy, wistful and hell in violent freedom.
It is serious on all fronts, honestly delivered and beautifully animated by the Love of music and poetry.